Dr. Colette Pyselman,
Medical Director

M.D., B.Sc., FRCSC

Dr. Colette Pyselman earned her undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto, where she was awarded the Gold Medal in Life Sciences. She went on to complete her medical degree and residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Toronto. Dr. Pyselman’s extensive expertise in the field of reproductive medicine comes from having dedicated over 20 years to the practice of infertility, including IVF,  and to the provision of obstetrical care for patients conceiving with the aid of advanced reproductive technologies.

Dr. Pyselman participates in several reproductive conferences annually to remain at the forefront of the ever-evolving science of reproductive medicine. Dr. Pyselman is an active member of the Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society (CFAS), the Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology of Canada (SOGC), the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), and the International Society for Mild Approaches in Assisted Reproduction (ISMAAR). She has a special interest in Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and Recurrent Pregnancy Loss, in addition to Periconceptual Medicine.

Dr. Pyselman is one of the two original physicians of Markham Fertility Centre, which remains a partner of York Fertility Centre. She is also on active staff at Markham-Stouffville Hospital in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, where she enjoys full privileges.

Dr. Pyselman personally devotes herself to the care of each individual patient and has built her practice on the strong word-of-mouth that results from the thorough, thoughtful, and high-quality of care she provides. 

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True North Imaging

All of our ultrasounds are performed on-site and are provided by True North Imaging (TNI), York Fertility Centre’s trusted provider of ultrasounds, sonohysterograms and related services for over 20 years.

An all-female team of highly trained and experienced TNI ultrasonographers operate directly out of the York Fertility clinic, ensuring that our patients experience efficient and convenient ultrasound testing in a comfortable environment. TNI’s expert clinical staff is committed to providing the best possible patient care.

Dr. Pyselman has entrusted the care of her patients to True North Imaging (TNI) for over 15 years, through her partnership with Dr. Alex Hartman. TNI is specialized in high-risk obstetrical ultrasound, as well as gynecological and fertility imaging. TNI works closely with Dr. Pyselman in order to provide exceptional patient care that is comprehensive and convenient: all of the imaging services you will need throughout your treatment and pregnancy are available on-site at York Fertility Centre. 

About TNI

TNI is one of the largest sonohysterography and imaging organizations in Canada, providing world-class medical services to its patients. TNI has performed medical imaging tests in Ontario since 1982, all utilizing state-of-the-art medical imaging equipment. TNI’s highly trained, expert clinical staff is committed to providing the best possible patient care. Technical staff at TNI have also long been involved in cutting edge research, primarily in the fields of OB/GYN and fertility imaging, and are therefore at the peak of expertise in their field. Their work has been published in leading medical journals and presented at major medical conferences around the world. It has also lead to the development of many new imaging techniques used by TNI today.

Dr. Alex Hartman, Director of Imaging at TNI and head of research, is considered the world expert in various forms of ultrasound. He lectures extensively locally, nationally and internationally and is the Chair of Imaging for the Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society (CFAS) and the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM). Dr. Hartman is committed to fertility; in the past few years, his research has focused on: abnormal uterine bleeding, pelvic pain, sonohysterography, 3D imaging, polycystic ovaries, infertility imaging, congenital uterine malformations, polyps, fibroids, adenomyosis and ultrasound tubal patency.


York Fertility works with the endocrinologists affiliated with Markham-Stouffville Hospital, as well as the Diabetes Education Center at Markham-Stouffville Hospital, when a patient's history suggests it could be beneficial. Endocrinology allows for the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of hormonal conditions, some of which contribute to infertility. These conditions may include, but are not limited to, thyroid disease, adrenal disease, and diabetes.


Though Dr. Pyselman performs routine urological fertility assessment in-office as part of the standard assessment, specialized urological services may be required in order to address some cases of male infertility. In this case, specialized services are typically provided by urologist Dr. Di Costanzo, who is located next door to York Fertility Centre. These services may include testicular biopsies, vasectomy reversals, and procedures to treat a variety of other, more complex urologic issues. York Fertility also works in conjunction with specialized reproductive urologists at Mount Sinai Hospital, when necessary.

Obstetrics & Gynecology

Dr. Gita Singh

Dr. Pyselman will continue to care for patients during pregnancy, past the prenatal screening (IPS) and 18 weeks ultrasound, up until the 24th week of pregnancy. At that point, unless otherwise specified by you, prenatal care will be transferred to Dr. Gita Singh, an excellent OBGYN who is on staff at Markham-Stouffville Hospital with full medical privileges.

Dr. Singh was born and grew up in Montreal, Quebec. She graduated from medical school in 2000 and went on to complete a residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. In addition, Dr. Singh earned a Masters in Reproductive and Sexual Health Research at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, University of London, London, UK in 2004. She also completed a combined research and clinical fellowship in Women's Health and Minimally Invasive Surgery at St. Michael's Hospital, University of Toronto in 2008. Dr. Singh began her full-time practice in Obstetrics and Gynecology with a continued interest in Minimally Invasive Surgery at Markham-Stouffville Hospital in 2009.

Dr. Singh is actively involved in the local obstetrical community. She sits on the MORE-OB Committee at Markham-Stouffville Hospital, which focuses on developing ongoing improvements to patient care to reduce risk and improve safety for pregnant mothers and their babies. She is also deeply concerned with optimizing health and well-being for mothers and their babies during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum. Dr. Singh loves her profession and finds caring for women during their pregnancies highly gratifying.

Dr. Singh’s office is located in the new medical clinic at Boxgrove Medical (ninth line south of highway 7).

Please Note:  Dr. Pyselman does not perform routine gynecological exams. Please ensure that you book regular PAP tests, as well as any other important tests, with your family physician. 


Nutrition plays an extremely important role in overcoming infertility. We have dietitians on staff in order to support you before, during and after your pregnancy. 

Donna Najdovski, RD

Donna Najdovski is a registered member of the College of Dietitians of Ontario and is passionate not only about good nutrition and health but also about enjoying delicious food. Donna has over 20 years of experience in dietetics, including over 10 years as an advisor to the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care. Donna started her career with a B.A.Sc in Nutrition from Ryerson University and completed a dietetic internship at St. Michael's Hospital in toronto. She has been passionate about good nutrition and great food ever since. 

Donna will work with you to develop an achievable, personalized eating plan based on your personal goals, and can help you optimize your fertility potential and help to provide you with a nutritional advantage throughout your pregnancy and beyond. Nutrition counselling services are provided for: infertility, weight management, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), Type 2 Diabetes, elevated cholesterol and/or triglycerides (heart health), and nutritional support for pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Donna also has personal experience with infertility and understands the importance of providing compassionate and personalized nutritional support. After undergoing infertility treatments herself, Donna is now the proud mother of two teenage daughters. 

Nutrition is key to health but enjoying great food is the key to life. Both of these can be satisfied with a realistic plan tailored to your individual needs. 

Note: Your employer's Private Health Plan may cover the services of a Registered Dietitian under OTher Health Care Professionals. Contact your employer if you have questions about health plan benefits. As a Registered Dietitian, all nutrition couselling services provided by Donna qualify as a Medical Expense for income tax purposes and are GST exempt.


Dr. Julia Sen, PhD

Overcoming infertility is not simply a medical concern. It can also be emotional and stressful. Managing stress and addressing any emotional concerns can have a significant, positive impact. That is why York Fertility Centre has partnered with Dr. Julia Sen to provide its patients with infertility counselling. 

Dr. Sen is highly trained as a Psychologist. She earned her undergraduate degree in Psychology, as well as her Master's and Doctoral degrees in Counselling Psychology, from the University of Toronto. Since then, she has gathered over 15 years of experience and has completed special training in infertility counselling. 

Dr. Sen's fertility counselling services include, but are not limited to, counselling for: IVF/IUI, 3rd party donor, miscarriage, grief and loss, psychological/emotional concerns, and couples counselling. Counselling will typically involve psychotherapy, which oftentimes can be a successful alternative to medications for anxiety and/or depression.

Unlike some other forms of counselling, psychologist's services are considered a medical expense and are often tax deductible. Psychologist's fees are also often covered by work place extended health benefit plans. Dr. Sen practices out of her Markham location, located 5 mins from the York Fertility Centre clinic, as well as a Toronto location located near Yonge and the 401. For more information please visit http://drjuliasen.com/.

Dr. Sen is a member of the College of Psychologists of Ontario, registered as a Clinical and Counselling Psychologist. She is also a member of the Counsellors Special Interest Group of the Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society, the Ontario Psychological Association, and the Society for Psychotherapy Research.

Alternative Therapies

Kathy Chao, R.Ac

Kathy Chao is a qualified Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Specialist in Acupuncture treatment, graduating from the Ontario College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture in 2004. She is a member of the Canadian Society of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture and is a registered member with the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of Ontario, which is established under the Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991 and the Traditional Chinese Medicine Act, 2006

We are pleased to offer acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine on site at York Fertility Centre. For more information about Kathy, her practice at York Fertility Centre and the improvement her patients have seen as a result of her treatments, visit www.kathyacupuncture.com or speak to one of our staff to book a consultation.

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Markham Fertility Centre

Though currently directing the new York Fertility Centre, Dr. Pyselman continues to work with the Markham Fertility Centre (MFC) team, now located in the adjacent office building, as she has done for over 20 years as one of the MFC’s original partner physicians. The two Centres utilize the same state-of-the-art IVF lab and work together to care for each other’s patients over weekends and holidays.

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Markham-Stouffville Hospital

York Fertility Centre is located in the medical office building of Markham-Stouffville Hospital, and is physically linked to the hospital and its facilities. Through York Fertility Centre, patients have access to Markham-Stouffville Hospital’s obstetrical and emergency services. Dr. Pyselman has full medical privileges at Markham-Stouffville Hospital.